Music Monday: Maimouna Youssef- “We’re Already Royal”

A few nights ago, I was up late watching a program on Howard University’s television Network, WHUT. This is a talk show, and on this episode they were talking about music, and when they played this one video I fell in love. As you probably know, Royals by Lorde has received a lot of negative feedback from the African-American community for her seemingly stereotypical lyrics referring to our culture. While she condescended black culture, she no doubt displayed her desire to be apart of it, and proved herself to be ignorant of the African American struggle. It’s as if she thinks we are just materialistic and have all of these things, we in reality we are largely faced with poverty and unequal opportunities. And although people argue that she wasn’t talking about black people…. we all know the common stereotypes of Cadillac and gold teeth. And after watching several of her interviews, she even said that she was influenced by hip hop, which is undoubtedly black culture. With that being said, this talk introduced me to an artist named Maimouna Youssef. This fabulous young woman did a cover to Royals called “We’re Already Royal.” She touches on all of the topics that those ignorant to our culture, identity, and collective struggle seem to not understand. Check the video out below.

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